My cats eat lentils or getting the BLOG rolling.

When I returned to the farm a few months back, ( along with all the damage and destruction to the property a few years in the wrong hands can bring about) I realized that the exiting tenants had left us a couple of pets, a dog and a cat. Both pregnant of course. The dog eventually got the hint that his owners weren’t coming back and went after them. They hadn’t gone too far. (nobody goes too far around here it seems, people just go from farm to farm, to town and back in this place where time is not to be worried about.)The cat however decided to stick around and after a bit of ‘negotiating’ we arrived at an uneasy equilibrium. Negotiating meaning that the cat is no longer stealing food off your plate in the time it takes for you to blink and then running away with it in its mouth and you chasing him like a lunatic. (and you depressed because in all reality, your eating the cats left overs in some horrible twist of fate.) Well MOST of the time this ceasefire is in effect. So now, months later we now have 5 cats and no dog (yet). Luna admirably, only had three kittens and a friend from town brought me this black male who was supposed to be the only cat on the farm. He is very cool. The only thing not black on this cat is the green sheen in his eyes, his teeth, tongue and claws. So my Colombian cats diet consists of rice, chicken bones, lentils, meat, insects, frogs, small snakes only they see and catch and the occasional piece of bread or whatever, usually left carelessly close to the line between us and them, usually by a guest or someone visiting on the farm.IMG_2265


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