The most dangerous country in the World.

IMG_2384Years ago, as a teenager, I was renewing my passport for a trip to Colombia at the Federal Building in downtown Miami. Back then the travel advisory warnings were as listed: Iran, Afghanistan and Colombia. I remember thinking even then that Colombia seemed out-of-place among those other two. When I would mention to people I was going to Colombia they would say “whatre you crazy? You’ll get kidnapped” or say it was too dangerous etc. The most violent and crazy country in the world. Nowadays it really does seem that the shoe is on the other foot. Even after a 40+ year internal conflict with leftist guerillas and right-wing para-militaries, turf wars between drug cartels, political violence and criminal gangs of every variety…Colombia does not seem to be as violent as the US. It seems to me that, at least the violence here is motivated by SOMETHING, be it war, greed, hatred or even love. In the United States people are killing each other for absolutely no reason. It makes no sense. A kid walking in the middle of the street, a guy selling cigarettes, some 9 year-old girl with an UZI, Aurora, Columbine, the least goes on and on. Youd really have to go out of your way to find violence here in Colombia, in the states it seems the violence can find YOU anywhere from the corner store to a shopping mall to even a movie theatre. Whats wrong with US?


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