My God what time is it? Waking up late in a sun friendly house.

One of the good things about summer here is that you can always tell the time by the jagged shards of sunshine that cut into the house at every angle. Its like living in a world of sun-dials. Were just sliding ever so slowly into our only other season, the rainy season ( known here as winter), and the few brief showers weve had have brought forth a storm of weeds, whos seeds have been accumulating patiently over the summer (in fact the longer they wait the faster they sprout) and an equally enthusiastic population of mosquitos. So sleep is a bit of an exercise until I get some Raid tablets. I was burning eucalyptus but then I felt like I was falling asleep in a church during Holy Week. The summers have been changing over the years, getting hotter and lasting longer. Even the now the hawks that used to nest in an oil palm on the property have been replaced by some huge (and quite beautiful) variety of Egret that is not really native to these parts, their huge feathers usually adorning the rocks that are the entrance to the house. That and their chalky ‘droppings’. (more like white paint, thats what I first thought when I saw the beautiful rocks covered in this chalky,white stuff) The weather around here is usually such, that in one day you can have intense sunshine followed by intense rain. Almost island like. Sometimes it never stops raining. Its like somebody just turns the volume up and down for weeks. During winter you cant tell by looking if its 7 in the morning or noon, its a strange, shadowless time, great for staying indoors, cooking and lovemaking.

Sun Dial 201

Sun Dial 201


2 thoughts on “My God what time is it? Waking up late in a sun friendly house.

  1. very awesome, thank you…it was refreshing, I think I just failed my logic exam and I needed something “real”. have a good day.


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