This is a picture of me staring at a beautiful landscape in the Nambu province of Japan during spring, when the snow is melting and the water is running down the mountains joyfully.

IMG_3454Well not really…sorta. I took the picture first obviously, not thinking about much. I was sitting on the mattress on the floor, my laptop propped on a box in the small area of the room where I can get a good five bars of signal strength. The last few days I’ve been impressed with the lap-top as far as lighting is concerned. This due to the fact that it doubles as a lamp at night, (there’s no light in the room) along with an old antenna-less television who’s only program is ‘Echoes of the Big-bang’. So I started taking a couple of shots of my beard while I hovered above the keyboard. Checking my hairs for focus on the screen and liking the soft expansive light. I’ve never seen myself from this angle before, very interesting. So this is the view from my keyboard. So in the picture I know im looking at the screen, but what does the image say? What am I looking at? I figured its got to be something amazing. So that’s were the caption came from. Its based on a scene from one of my favorite films, where a samurai is reminiscing about his hometown and how beautiful it is… and that’s when I had my eureka moment and remembered I could search for the actual film and write it down word for word in my blog and THAT would be the piece  ‘This is a picture of me staring at..etc’. (I might still do it)  Wait, there’s more. I found the film on YT in its entirety and in english sub-titles ( my version is dubbed in Castilian)  so you can imagine my joy. I get to see the film, hear the original Japanese voices AND get an english translation ( which seems to be spot on) AND for the first time. So now IM running down the mountain joyfully. (my actual words) So there’s been alot of that going on lately in my life, tasting again, for the first time. The film is called ‘When the Last Sword is Drawn’.


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