I think it was Ghandi who said that you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals.

I say, you can detect all types of sickness in human beings by the way they interact their animals, well their pets actually. I say this as in this househould for the moment there are are other souls than mine. I say this shortly after asking my son if he wanted a supreme steak sandwich on toasted bread with all the fixins. He declined out of pure lack of taste coupled with a false sense of superiority or nationalism, blind as it may be. And hes not at fault of course. The human mind cannot acquire a taste for things that only confuse the mind. and its always easier to just slap together two pieces of bread and thats it. This inherited of course from his mother, but he has made the decision to decline out of something. Hes a big boy. So going back to the pets or animals, I left a little plate of blood and water for them so they begin to acquire a taste (and not from the ice box) for game. Lets face it, theyre here to fullfill their purpose just as we all are. Friendship is only a perk and a miracle.

Ive had the fortune of working with animals for many years. Ive seen obsessive compulsives diagnose themselves in front of me with logs of their pets bowel movements. people that project their own issues on to these poor animals that really dont give a shit (they live in REAL time) and just make fools of themselves. And along the way create problems so they can later complain. Usually lonely, needy ass people. Think of the morons with the chocolate birthday cake for the dog. These are people that cant keep plants, much less raise Orchids or Bonsai. These are the masses, “the horse brained masses” like Opus the penguin once said. But they feel so good feeding pigeons or stray cats, like some spiritual masturbation. Disgusting.

You might not know about Luna. She will never go hungry. Shes a hunter. And id be lying if i told you that im going to hurt an animal by giving it a false sense of security. So Ghandi was more than right. I can feed AND euthanize. My son wanted me to prepare something for the cats, yet he declined a monster steak sandwich prepared by moi, his father. Im worried. But only for the moment.IMG_3860IMG_3863


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