Winter is our only other season.

its too cold, too quiet for me.

There was a moment when all felt well but it passed too quickly,

as soon as I noticed actually.

I prepared food for my son and I and it should’ve been quite good,

it probably was, but it didn’t feel good tho,

the way good food normally does.

My sons day equally boring, rained in, no friends in sight, just me

making coffee, smoking cigarrettes & staring into the night.

Not 20 words between us today,

both starving with our silence

the life of that we know.

when surrounding us at times,

this quiet, dreadful sadness.

Ive a bit of cannabis

but my appetites are low today.

Im on a different moon tonight and 

I no longer see what it is im missing

its been so long.

I can no longer see it, 

its so close at times.


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