I speak only to these photographs and nothing else.

un-still you leave me everytime…

blind as if from some brief glare of light,

thats too much power for a pair of eyes…so i,

i placed you in Paris, and me under a zinc roof,

above the wet ground in walls of bamboo…

and of course i was wrong about Paris but you, you are in Paris in this lie,

and i am here in the mountains, hypnotized.

ive already imagined your laugh like a whip, sharp and quick.

your silent smile deadly, your whisper fatal for 1000 lives.

a creature of a unique and unsurvivable beauty

that has somehow landed in my eyes.

You are in Paris

and I am in between two rivers,

your slender limbs,

and me, the land within.

You are in Paris,

and i am observing the rain,

from under from the eaves

above your beautiful eyes,

watching the leaves,

floating by.

You are in Paris,

i am in the mountain,

who will console me?


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