My Pin-Hole House.

DSCF5617I took photography in 7th grade like most kids. Ive always liked it, even prior to any formal study. My first real camera a Minolta i still have. The same camera my father took my baby pictures with in fact. (he still likes photography but is more into collecting old cameras than actually using them) The stacks of negatives I still have are testament to how much Ive enjoyed it. I made my pin-hole camera in school, you know. Ive taken and processed many photographs. At one point even set up my own darkroom.

But only came to UNDERSTAND photography much later in life. Id say about 10 years ago. In this very house. I finally understood light when I noticed the clouds rolling across the floor, the swaying of the palm fronds. These images eminating from a small aperature in the tin roof above me. It may seem like an obvious thing to some, but for me it was truly revelatory. I felt what I imagined people felt seeing this for the first time. How many people in the past had noticed the same effect before one person decided to try to ‘catch’ it? To catch the light?

This image is reflected on a wall in a room in this house. Its of the upper part of the scene on the opposite side, probably 20 or so meters away. Every room has its own set of images. Sunlight and moonlight do their own work here in this house. Ive been meaning to document this for years. I might take this project on next.


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