It was only by chance that you and my 38 met…

I was not the one that decided. The rythm of these pro-jects. I was just a silent saint keepin my keep. Not interrupted. But these things were out of your hands and unfortunately, nickle-platedly in mine. Those were some big bullas for your lttle cranium. I know you got cousins and aunties, but you didn’t know that I didn’t have none, have any of these things so…its your fault really ghost, like pac-man man, dont you understand? so stop crowding me, an get yo’ ass off my window sill man, I aint got nothin fo you meng, please understand, theres  alot  more to come  for   me  bru d d a   h… will have your vengance. I promise.

But if im gonna go go, ima take some soul with me, can I get a witness?!

“im not afraid of death, I just dont wanna be there when……..    .                       .38-caliber-revolver-gun-6d40018f718c5961                it happens.

-Woody Allen


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