I have a cousin MIGZ…

and when he was a big, round headed, silent, big eyed baby being baptised, he was so scared he crapped all the way up his back from being carried. He lives in Japan now and is soon to be married.

He is a Christian. The way only a kid from a Colombian family who grew up in Miami can be. When I asked him how he came to Christianity he surprised me by telling me that he remembered a conversation he had with me. With ME of all people.

He said that he remembers saying about how religion was just a way to control people etc. He surely had expected me to agree or confirm this, considering that I was a pretty rotten apple.

I dont remember this conversation and was shocked at the answer I gave him apparently. It seems that I told him that there was more to it than that and that each person must find their own way to God, that the traffic on the way is irrelevant.

When he was a baby we used to jokingly call him the bishop because of his calm, wide-eyed serenity, truly a beautiful child.

He prayed for me on skype and im not making fun, and im praying for the most beautiful snow to adorn his wedding as a gift from me.


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