“All the forms are known”. Thats what Neal Cassidy said to Allen Ginsberg in a frenetic conversation at the City Lights bookstore a while back.

So now the unfortunately artistically afflicted have some great challenges in this recent world. Technology at the ready, inviting artistic expression from every human being. How does a painter or photographer or writer seperate himself from the eternally clicking masses? Working harder seems to be the only option.

Im sure that any seriously intentioned artist feels a sense of what I mean as only a brief sigh. Imagine the seasoned photographer, carrying his box camera through a swamp waiting for the perfect light to land on beautifully imperfect plates. Must be frustrating, although light doesnt lie. Thats the beauty of it.

So your a writer, or a photographer or a painter. Does this bigger battlefield perfect or drown your work?

Are you inspired or frustrated? 

Or patiently waiting, a ship that may never come in…?