To the death!

Ive got 3 kittens wreaking havoc around the house these days. They specialize in running in between your feet, usually while youre carrying something spillable like a bowl of soup or a pan of hot oil. Its like they know were tormented by the thought of stepping on them and make good use of this knowledge. This of course when theyre not trying to electrocute themselves under the fridge. Would that still count as natural selection? My conscience says yes. Ive been trying to team up the writing aspect with the photrography and its been…strange. Its like 2 people that have been living in the same house,for a long time, are quite aware of each other, but haven’t met and dont care to either. Ive been very unimpressed with the FREE themes on here, but it’ll come together somehow. Im at that stage like when you move into a new place, you dont really feel like unpacking for a few days. Kittens, Intl shipping available. (kidding) I really hate how when posting a new entry for some reason the last sentence has to dangle off in the distance as if mad at the rest of the words. IMG_2878