Wow, Ive actually started missing my blog and the blogosphere in general. Go figure.

Its like that dog in the street you pet on your way to work everyday to the point that one fine day your heart opens up and you say ‘what are you doin? how are you? you hungry?’

Its like that moment when a friendship deepens a liitle and may lead to kiss. When eye contact becomes hands reaching for hands moved by some un-seen force.

The threat of possibility in another human being is quite a thing to behold. A strange anticipation, risk almost always involved.

What happens between between a man and a woman when only hands and eyes communicate?

Is everything to follow a down-grade or a catapult?

Am I looking for love in someone that only wants sex?

What if its the other way around?

All I know is that its nice to have a pair of eyes to dream about, a layer of skin like still water waiting for a pebble touch. A mouth waiting to breath into mine and all that fuel waiting to burn itself into oblivion.


there must be a chain waiting to be broken

tying humans to their computers

their books

wood be novels, scripts etcetera

and mayhaps

very lil in between

shoe makers child ren wear no shoes

and the others

strapped to their souls

i can proudly say

i do not know how i feel

there is a buckle

waiting for my hide

have you seen what i

have seen

we all nod in…

“everything is under……”