Lightposts, candles and visual incomformity.

IMG_2958From the front of my house, I have an almost unobstructed view clear to the mountains that frame this valley on the western side. Surprisingly, its quite hard to find a good view where I live due to limited visibilty on the ground due to trees and such. Ive sometimes guiltily wondered how things would look without any trees, a full horizon for 360 degrees. I remember that after hurricane Andrew the flatness of the now revealed topography was something I had never, ever seen before. You could see the lighthouse on Key Biscayne FROM Miami. So ive been wrestling visually with this slightly inclined, concrete lightpost, that sits right smack dab in the middle of this cow pasture in front of my house. I still dont know what to think about it. Sometimes I think its beautiful, almost like some kind of ruler, the cables hanging taught in the air like pencil drawn lines through the landscape. Sometimes I dont like it, this symbol of progress and decay. Electricity to feed televisions, radios and refrigerators stabbed into the ground with very little elegance; the  these violators of sunrises and sunsets, kite snatchers, electrocuters, electro-magnetic field disturbing cancer creators. Yet somehow, im sure id miss it if it weren’t there. Such is the built in incomformity of man. The power went out last night for just about as long as it takes to find some candles in the dark and get a few a of them alight…just as a little reminder.