Jim Morrison once wrote, ” I drink so I can talk to assholes…this includes myself”.

This has always stayed with me. I mention it because in this last incarnation, Ive learned a few things of the suttle and sexy, eye-widening power of drink, among other things. How it can be mis-used quite easily and how a golden shovel used for unearthing buried treasure can also just as easily be used to dig a ditch thats hard to get out of. I mention this also because last night after a few days of unmovable melancholy…(or blind fury) I bought myself a half bottle of rum just like a good pirate should. On a Tuesday night when the rest of town is licking their wounds and tending to their hangovers. It was quite good, and I accept the fact that rum is my favorite spirit. Rum and lemon juice and nothing more. Hopefully with a plate of oranges and cherries. Hopefully a great rum like Babancourt or Havana Club or even Brugal. But alas when in Rome, do as the Romans and Ron Viejo de Caldas it was.

I woke up earlier than usual (such is the vigourous power of rum in my system) my sadness put away somewhere outside of myself. My desire for female company quite pronounced, my heart softened, the music changed. And then I started missing Autumn in New York where I was born. Or a cold (albeit counted) crisp few days of winter in Miami, where I grew up. Theres just something about the Fall. So romantic, even to be alone feels good, every moment laced with possibility. Blankets and cold cheering on their lovers warmth…I could go on but why contaminate you, dear reader with my solace.

The cat went missing today. My son found him three stories up in a Cedar, in between a row of citrus trees that line the property. He did not look worried and almost seemed to be proud of this new vantage point. We threw some oranges at him laughing, he only blinked. Im quite sure he followed my son out of the house when he went for some oranges and the neighbours dog probably chased him up the tree. Simple little things. Daddy take a picture.

And now, im sure out of jealousy our other cat Luna decided to put on a show of her own. She opted for the roof of my ranch/office, and strategically placed herself so she could be soon through an aperature in the roof. Crazy cats. I was writing about this yesterday and here they are mocking me. How fun.IMG_4338IMG_4329